FLD634 Series

Standard Features:

  • Meets the world’s leading generator standard requirements GB755, IEC60034, BS5000, VDE0530, CSA22.2-100
  • Single and double fulcrums are optional, single fulcrum can be selected for various specifications of transition sleeves and easy to install
  • 12 Stator leads can be reconnect to meet different voltage
  • Standard H insulation class
  • Standard 2/3 pitch winding
  • Fully sealed and maintenance-free bearings
  • Standard PMG permanent magnet excitation system can provide continuous section current capability and improve starting performance


Optional Parts:

  • Winding temperature test RTD
  • Winding Temperature Protection Thermistors&Relays
  • Anti-condensation heater
  • Air filter
  • Parallel operation of the droop current transformer

Additional information

Weight2020-2820 kg
Dimensions170 × 90 × 145 cm



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