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Jiangsu Farrand generator technology Co., Ltd. as a high-tech enterprise, was founded in 2009 in Wuxi city,Jiangsu province,is a comprehensive enterprise focusing on the research and development, design, production, sales and service of generators. Products are widely used in military industry, nuclear power, shipbuilding, aviation, oil field, railway, power engineering, communications and other fields.

Farrand Generator is an excellent partner of many power equipment manufacturers such as world-renowned generator set companies, ship power equipment companies, oil and gas field power equipment companies, locomotive electrical equipment companies, communication power equipment companies, construction machinery power equipment companies and many other power equipment manufacturers.

Farrand has introduced the advanced equipment of automatic vacuum pressure impregnation to realize the zero air gap inside generators winding and achieve the effects of anti-corona, mold prevention, damp proofing and salt spray resistance to ensure the generators run safely and long-termly in harsh conditions.

The high level dynamic balance precision is selected to reduce the vibration frequency of the generator during operation and ensure the smooth operation of the product.

The H-Grade enamel-insulated wire is adopted to make products adapt to high-temperature operation and prolong the products life so that the products can continuously run for over 200,000 hours.Besides, company has equipped with the industry-leading comprehensive generator test system to achieve full load test of 2,200KW. The introduction of imported advanced large three coordinates measuring instrument, PPM quality system, setting standard operation for each manufacturing process, evaluation, verification and improvement for our products, all of these initiatives provide double assurance for product quality.

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Since the establishment of the company, with its own power generation and core technology, independent raw material supply chain and large-scale manufacturing platform, Farrand can provide product services and technical support worldwide. The Farrand generator series product range covers high speed, medium,low-speed, high-voltage, medium and low-voltage generators, etc., and can provide strategic partners with high-quality customized products.


Low voltage alternator power range:5Kw-2500Kw


Medium speed alternator power range:240Kw-1200Kw


High voltage alternator power range:500Kw-2800Kw

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Farrand generator has passed ISO9001-2008 quality management system,and all alternator items got CE certificate, and can also pass the strictly test of SGS,ITS and other third party inspection companies.

Over the past decade, Farrand Generator has developed into the designated generator supplier of a number of the world's leading power equipment companies, and the designated supporting generators manufacturer of world-famous brand light-tower power supply equipment companies. Farrand’s factories have also become the designated supporting generator manufacturing base for a number of world-famous brand mobile power supply companies domestically and abroad, Farrand Generator has export its products to Europe,America, Russia,Africa,Mid-east area,south-America, South-east of Asia,etc.


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