• 2nd Annual Clean Power New Energy 2022

    Mandarin Oriental,Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia About CPNE 2022? Today, nearly everyone accepts that in order to slow the damage we are doing to our planet and environment, humans must transition away from the use of fossil fuels. This has led to many science and business innovations as we search for new...
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  • Middle East Energy I 14 – 16 March 2023

    OPENING TIMES 14 March 2023: Tuesday 15 March 2023: Wednesday 16 March 2023: Thursday For over 45 years, Middle East Energy has been guiding the region through the energy transition, by bringing together buyers and sellers from across the globe, in order to explore the latest advancements in e...
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  • Points to note when choosing diesel generator

    Points to note when choosing diesel generator

    First of all, they should have a clear positioning, the purchase of diesel generator set is standby is also commonly used. If the time to buy a generator is more, more commonly used, it is recommended to buy an imported generator set. In the process of use, for a long time, it is inevitable that ...
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  • Operating principle of generator

    Operating principle of generator

    What is the power source for the electrical equipment in the car? Battery? You’re probably only half right. In the state of vehicle flameout, the car battery provides power to the electric equipment on the car; When the engine starts, the electric equipment of the car mainly relies on the g...
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